What we do

Effective site selection

CICS has expertly supported conferences in every region across Canada. From major cities to remote areas, chances are, we’ve been there! We can help you with selection of a venue—whether commercial, public or government—to ensure the success of your event.

Easy, fast registration

We work closely with you to develop an easy to use online registration process that integrates meeting and related activity selections tailored to your event. To assist with planning, we can produce a variety of status reports in a matter of minutes.

Conference materials at your fingertips

You develop the content, we ensure it is made available to conference participants. How? Through the CICS Online Document Retrieval site. Linked with our online registration system, this secure site allows participants to access and download materials before, during and even after your meeting.

Seamless on-site support

The CICS logistics team works closely with the venue and suppliers to ensure that all goes according to plan. Our on-site services include complete set-up of conference spaces, access to a full-service delegate business centre, logistical and multi-media services in the meeting room, and much more. View complete list

Virtual conferencing

CICS offers teleconferencing and videoconferencing services with simultaneous interpretation. These technologies are the perfect complement to in-person meetings (when some participants can’t attend, for example), or a very cost- and time-effective alternative.

Valuable record-keeping

The CICS archives, totaling over 50,000 documents, form a unique collection and an invaluable reference source in support of your future meetings. While access to these records is carefully controlled, a vast inventory of public documents are available in our Newsroom.

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