Accessibility at CICS

At CICS, we are determined to being accessible to serve and support the Canadian population, which includes people with disabilities. We want to minimize barriers for all—for our employees, our clients, the federal, provincial, and territorial governments’ representatives who attend our conferences, and the Canadian public.

In 2022, we undertook an organization-wide evaluation to identify accessibility barriers. The following Accessibility Plan provides a summary of the evaluation process and our commitments to address the accessibility barriers that were identified.

CICS has produced a full version of the plan, as well as a simplified easy read version.  Both documents have been written in plain language, to be as clear, concise, and appropriate as possible for the intended audience. Additional details on CICS’s mandate, program and services are available on our website at




CICS welcomes feedback from our employees, clients, conference attendees, and members of the public. We welcome feedback about accessibility at CICS and about our plan. Feedback can be submitted anonymously. We are committed to reviewing the feedback we receive and taking steps to address barriers that are identified through this feedback.

You can submit feedback about accessibility at CICS or about our plan by contacting:

Benoit Massé, Director, Corporate Services


Telephone: 613-995-2341

Mail: P.O. Box 488, Station ‘A’, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 8V5

The accessibility plan and a description of our feedback process can also be provided in alternative formats, within the following timelines:

  • Print – 15 days
  • Large print (Increased font size) – 15 days
  • Braille (a system of raised dots that people who are blind or who have low vision can read with their fingers) – 45 days
  • Audio (a recording of someone reading the text out loud) – 45 days