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Executive Committee

Our executive team is experienced and committed to delivering innovative conference solutions. Working together, they are focused on excellence in client service and achieving value-for-money for all stakeholders.

André M. McArdle, Secretary

Photo of the Secretary, Mr. André M. McArdle

As the Secretariat’s Deputy Head and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. McArdle is responsible for the agency’s corporate policies and for reporting to governments annually on the operations of the Secretariat.

André M. McArdle’s biography

Carole Bourget, Assistant Secretary

Photo of the Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary is the Secretariat’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for planning, developing and directing the operations of the Secretariat within the mandate of the organization.

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Doumbe Betote Akwa, Director, Conference Services

Photo of the Director of Conference Services

The Director of Conference Services provides leadership to all aspects of the planning and operational frameworks related to the program of serving intergovernmental conferences. As part of the day-to-day work, the Director develops and maintains effective working relationships with officials of federal, provincial and territorial government departments and agencies, promoting the role and marketing the services of the Secretariat.

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Charles Young, Director, Corporate Services

Photo of the Director of Corporate Services

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for the financial, human resources, procurement, security and administrative advice and services to managers and staff of the Secretariat. This includes the development and implementation of the agency’s budgetary control framework and systems, as well as the planning and development of a full range of human resources and administrative programs.

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Mario Giasson, Director, Information Services

Photo of the Director of Information Services

The Director of Information Services is in charge of information management, information technology and library services to the organization. The Director provides the strategy, policies, infrastructure, and tools necessary for the Secretariat to make effective use of technology in the delivery of the Secretariat’s program and services.

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As a client-focused organization, our greatest asset is our employees. Responsible for delivering conference services to federal, provincial and territorial governments, our employees bring diverse backgrounds and experience to their work. They have worked in federal, provincial or territorial government departments, as event planning experts, in the technology industry and as project managers.

CICS staff photo, taken in October 2019

Representation from the provinces and territories

Half of the positions in the Conference Services division are reserved for provincial and territorial (PT) public servants who are seconded to the agency from their respective governments. CICS offers these employees a unique developmental opportunity in the field of intergovernmental affairs. Most of them serve three-year terms. Their presence ensures that the CICS can fulfill its mandate as a neutral intergovernmental body and boosts the organization’s knowledge of provincial and territorial governments as well as Canadian cities and regions. Upon completion of the secondment, the PT employees return to their respective governments enriched with the experience of working with key sectors of intergovernmental activity.

Are you a full-time, permanent public servant working for a provincial or territorial government?

Do you like to travel and work as part of a dynamic team?

Are you a problem solver who enjoys working behind-the-scenes in support of complex and challenging events? We may just have the position for you!

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Enjoyable and inclusive environment

CICS is a great place to work; we invest in the well-being of our employees as well as in their training, at both an individual and a corporate level.

“We are always available to support our colleagues, new or experienced.”

“Managers trust their employees and know that they are experts in their fields. Trust makes every conference a success.”

Comments from Employee Feedback Session

Extended CICS team on conference site

“We are proud of the services we offer”

“We believe in our organization”

Comments from Employee Feedback Session