Carole Bourget’s Biography

Photo of the Director of Corporate ServicesCarole Bourget joined CICS as Assistant Secretary and Chief Financial Officer in February 2022. At the time, she had over 18 years of experience in the public service; the last 7 of those years spent in middle to senior level management positions across multiple federal agencies

Ms. Bourget holds a Bachelor’s degree from Athabasca University, and completed the Senior Executive Advanced Finance and Accounting Program offered via the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Ms. Bourget began her career in the public service as an administrative assistant at the National Gallery of Canada, where she quickly discovered her passion for government finance and accounting. She focused her career in that field, eventually holding the position of Senior Financial Advisor to the CFO at Courts Administration Services, before tackling the very complex files as Manager of Financial Operations, including Phoenix related issues, at Correctional Services Canada. Ms. Bourget then assumed the role of Deputy Chief Financial Officer at the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency for 3 years, which further expanded her knowledge and experience, and provided her with a deep appreciation of the rich culture of the Indigenous population across Canada.