Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for Labour


Joint Statement on the Prevention of Violence in the Workplace

As Canada’s Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers responsible for labour, we recognize that a safe and healthy workplace is a productive one that benefits employees, employers and the economy.

We further recognize that the prevention of workplace violence is an integral part of achieving a safe and healthy workplace.

Leading research indicates that workplace violence is predictable in many sectors and situations and as such can be reduced. Across the country, various strategies and measures have already been developed to address workplace violence.

As ministers responsible for labour, we recognize and respect the autonomous roles of the federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada to develop and deliver the workplace violence reduction strategies that are most relevant to their own jurisdictions and workplaces.

In recognition of the importance of this issue, we are, today, committing to continue working together cooperatively with the shared goal of reducing workplace violence.

We hereby agree t

• Heighten awareness about the prevention of workplace violence.

• Exchange research and information on best practices to address workplace violence.

• Continue to develop strategies, tools and measures to improve the prevention of violence in the workplace.

Through the endorsement of this joint statement we are strengthening our commitment to healthy and safe workplaces in all jurisdictions across Canada.