2024 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC)

News Release – 2024 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference Wraps Up in Calgary

July 5, 2024 Calgary, Alberta

Federal, provincial, and territorial ministers met in Calgary, Alberta, from July 3 to 5 at the annual Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC), which focused on the theme of enhancing the competitiveness of the energy and mining sectors in Canada. The meeting was co-chaired by the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, the Honourable Brian Jean, Alberta’s Minister of Energy and Minerals, and the Honourable Nathan Neudorf, Alberta’s Minister of Affordability and Utilities.

Recognizing the energy and mining sectors’ crucial roles in driving economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development, Energy and Mines Ministers are committed to enhancing competitiveness and regulatory certainty within these sectors. During their meeting, Ministers discussed the importance of energy security, affordability, reliability and carbon management and decarbonization efforts. Discussion items on the agenda included: critical minerals, electricity, access to capital by Indigenous groups, streamlining regulatory efficiency to get major projects built, and ensuring competitiveness in the context of the energy transition. The importance of continuing to grow the skilled labour force and training was also discussed among the Ministers. Ministers discussed energy resources such as renewables, including hydroelectricity; hydrogen; nuclear and nuclear technology including uranium and small modular reactors; and biofuels. Ministers discussed the role of all forms of energy including environmentally sustainable oil and gas (including systems with carbon capture and non-combustion applications) in the transition to a lower carbon economy. Ministers engaged with representatives from Canada’s security and intelligence agencies to discuss national and cyber security considerations related to the energy and natural resource sectors.

Critical minerals

Ministers shared perspectives on the strategic and economic importance of critical minerals. Ministers agreed that permitting timelines for critical minerals projects must improve in order to maximize value for Canadians. Ministers also agreed to enhance collaboration between federal, provincial, and territorial governments on attracting investment into Canada, in addition to reviewing regulatory and permitting efficiency, building infrastructure to unlock more critical mineral deposits, moving Canadian products to market, and responding to national security issues.


Ministers discussed work to expand and strengthen the reliability and sustainability of electricity systems in their respective jurisdictions. Ministers considered opportunities for collaborative approaches and the need to find solutions tailored to the unique needs of jurisdictions including the value of strategic interties. Ministers agreed that energy affordability must remain top of mind, and the transition to cleaner energy systems must also consider each jurisdiction’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Ministers discussed how accelerating the deployment of cleaner energy technologies can help get critical minerals and natural resources to international markets. Measures such as investment tax credits are crucial to ensure sustainable, reliable and affordable energy across the country, including in northern, rural, and remote areas.

Indigenous Economic Reconciliation and Access to Capital

Ministers discussed the importance of including and working with Indigenous communities and organizations within the energy and mining sectors. This discussion included the consideration of a number of initiatives, such as Indigenous loan guarantee programs, which aim to support Indigenous access to competitive capital, and ensure they benefit more fully from the economic opportunities natural resource projects generate.

Getting Projects Built

Ministers agreed that Canada must have efficient regulatory systems that enable energy and natural resources projects to move forward in a timely and predictable fashion. This will improve investor confidence and attract capital investment in the energy and minerals sectors. There is a unique opportunity to innovate and build reliable and resilient energy and minerals sectors in Canada. To capitalize on these advantages, Ministers agreed that the timely completion of major projects is essential and, to this end, assessment and regulatory regimes must respect jurisdictional authorities, and be efficient, non-duplicative, predictable and globally competitive.

Overall, Ministers agreed that increased collaboration will put federal, provincial and territorial governments in a better position to harness energy and mining potential, and support innovation in a stable, affordable and cleaner energy future.

Collectively the federal, provincial, and territorial ministers, with respect for each order of government’s roles and responsibilities, remain committed to working with Indigenous partners, industry, and stakeholders to promote the economic opportunities present in Canada’s vast energy and natural resources and continue to build a sustainable future across the country.

The next EMMC will be co-chaired by the Government of Canada and the Government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) in summer 2025.

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“I thank all provincial, territorial and Indigenous partners for productive discussions on such crucial topics. I look forward to building on this work in the coming months, to ensure we advance our shared priority of seizing the historic economic opportunities of the low-carbon economy, in each and every region of Canada. With collaboration, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to sustainability, our country can achieve enormous success in the years to come.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson
Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

“Energy is at the heart of Alberta’s economy and Canada has the potential to be a global provider of traditional, new and innovative energy sources. That is why these opportunities to come together to identify and work through barriers to getting our energy and minerals to market are so vital. We do not always agree on the way forward, but with meaningful conversations there is real potential to work toward supporting industry and creating an efficient regulatory system to build nation-wide success in the energy and mineral sector.”

The Honourable Brian Jean
Alberta’s Minister of Energy and Minerals

“Canadians deserve electricity that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable. Delivering electricity requires different approaches in various regions, which reinforces the need to respect provincial jurisdiction over electricity. Our government is committed to working with our colleagues across Canada to explore new opportunities for collaboration as we build a better future.”

The Honourable Nathan Neudorf
Alberta’s Minister of Affordability and Utilities


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