Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers of Health


TORONTO - February 17, 1998 -- Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Health, meeting in Toronto, agreed upon the following points:

  1. The safety of the blood supply is paramount and work on building the new Canadian Blood system must continue on an urgent basis.    


  3. Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Health affirmed their desire for a compassionate assistance program for some of the Canadians who contracted hepatitis C through the blood system.    


  5. Provincial/Territorial Ministers are prepared to provide a fair share of costs toward the assistance program which must recognize past, present and future health and social assistance costs. Health and social services provided by provincial/territorial governments include medical, hospital, home care, drug, social assistance and other services.    

    Ministers believe that Canadians expect fairness which includes, recognizing the more than $1 billion that taxpayers in all provinces and territories are paying, and will pay in the future, to help provide appropriate services for people adversely affected by the blood system.    


  7. Provincial/Territorial Ministers expect federal Health Minister Allan Rock to work with them and other parties to reach consensus on such an approach.    


- 30 -

For more information, please contact:

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Minister Serby's Office
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