Meeting of Western Ministers of Health, Justice and Public Safety: Building Partnerships to Address Addictions – Responding to Crystal Meth

NEWS RELEASE – Action on addictions and crystal meth

REGINA, June 10, 2005 – Western and Northern leaders committed to attack addictions and crystal meth, and have developed an action plan to do so.

Minister committed to:

  1. Restrict the sale of products containing ephedrine and pseudoephredine
  3. Hold a western Canada clinical conference to discuss best practices in prevention and treatment
  5. Build all existing treatment programs on best practices    



Ministers urged the federal government to:

  1. Implement harsher penalties for crystal meth possession and trafficking
  3. Expand legislation to create offenses for possession on key ingredients (precursors) of crystal meth
  5. Tighten licensing controls on precursors to restrict superlabs creating crystal meth
  7. Commit adequate resources to enforcement of precursors controls
  9. Develop a national crystal meth campaign    



"Addictions are a risk to individuals, families and communities and, as western leaders, we are uniquely placed to work together to combat this destructive behavior," Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert said, on behalf of Ministers of Justice, Health and Public Safety from the four western provinces, three territories and Attorney General of North Dakota. "I extend my thanks to all those who worked so hard throughout the day to come up with an action plan that builds on existing partnerships."

"I am especially grateful to Chief Bird of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, whose thoughtful comments provided us with the important perspectives of First Nations peoples."

Host Premier Calvert said he is looking forward to reporting back to his colleagues at the next Council of the Federation meeting in August and the Western Premier’s Conference on progress made as a result of today’s agreements.

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