Meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers of Innovation and Economic Development

NEWS RELEASE – Canada’s innovation and economic development ministers conclude successful meeting

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers agree  to strengthen collaboration on innovation and economic development across the  Canadian economy

 June 13, 2016 – Ottawa

 Federal, provincial and territorial ministers of  innovation and economic development met today, for the first time in  12  years, to discuss how to grow the economy and  create  good-paying  middle-class  jobs in communities across  Canada.

 During today's meeting, Navdeep Bains, Minister of  Innovation, Science and Economic Development, shared the federal government's  approach in developing an inclusive Innovation Agenda. The focus is on creating  more jobs for  middle-class  Canadians and addressing the challenges Canadian  families face today. In addition, Minister Bains committed to ongoing  engagement with his colleagues on the files that are important to Canadians,  including innovation, clean technology and economic development.

 All ministers shared their views on the important  role that innovation plays in growing the economy and improving the lives  of  middle-class  Canadians. The ministers agreed that governments must  take urgent action to support innovation and economic development, while  meeting their own needs and priorities.

 The ministers expressed their continued commitment  to work together to better identify clusters and networks in Canada that  already are, or have the potential to be, hotbeds of innovation. They further  committed to help create the jobs of tomorrow by supporting innovation more  broadly throughout the economy.

 The ministers were also provided with an update  from the  Federal-Provincial-Territorial  Working Group on Clean  Technology, Innovation and Jobs. The working group is one of four that Canada's  First Ministers mandated in March  2016 to identify measures that  governments can take to grow their economies and reduce emissions in the long  term.

 The ministers then heard from a panel of guest  speakers from Indigenous businesses and economic development organizations.  Indigenous participation in the economy is not only key to the success of the  Canadian economy, it is also a factor in ensuring our communities are strong.

 The ministers agreed to reconvene in the fall to  continue their collaboration to prioritize actions to advance the clean  technology, jobs and innovation agenda.


"Today's meeting was part of the Government of  Canada's commitment to  re-engage  with provincial and territorial  governments. Only by working together can we produce a more innovative economy  that will create jobs and restore prosperity to the middle class."
– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and  Economic Development

"Provinces and territories recognize that  economic growth and prosperity requires Canada's economy to be competitive.  Strong productivity and innovation are key drivers to foster business growth  and secure good jobs for Canadians. Through continued collaboration between our  jurisdictions, we will make innovation and economic development a shared  priority. There are a number of positive factors that contribute to a  favourable climate for our further collaborative effort in innovation and  economic diversification—including the tremendous potential for the expansion  of clean tech, ocean technology and other advanced technologies. It is critical  that we purposefully create opportunities for collaboration between our  governments as a means to innovating, diversifying and growing our  economies."
– The Honourable Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Business, Tourism,  Culture and Rural Development, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador


 Philip Proulx
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Media Relations
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada