Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for Local Government


GATINEAU, Quebec – February  6, 2012 – Provincial  and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Local Government today reaffirmed  their ongoing commitment to address municipal infrastructure challenges.

“Local government ministers recognize the importance of addressing local  infrastructure needs, and believe that governments need to work together if  we’re going to meet these needs” said Doug Griffiths, Alberta’s Minister of  Municipal Affairs, who is the 2012 chair of the provincial-territorial  Ministers Responsible for Local Government.

The Ministers agreed to the following:

  • municipal  infrastructure, such as for drinking water, wastewater, and transportation, not  only contributes to the quality of life for our citizens – it also enhances  Canada’s competitiveness and helps create jobs;
  • federal  funding in this area needs to be adequate, stable, flexible and on-going;
  • federal  programs in support of municipal infrastructure need to be developed with  provincial-territorial governments, to ensure such programs have the  flexibility to respond to varying provincial-territorial priorities, while  respecting jurisdiction.

The provincial and territorial ministers came together in Gatineau to share information and build on common  ground with respect to municipal infrastructure issues. They also had an opportunity  to discuss infrastructure issues with  Denis Lebel, the federal Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities,  and to explore opportunities for collaboration that would be consistent with  provincial-territorial jurisdiction and priorities.

“We recognize the past federal investment in infrastructure, and are  encouraged by the federal commitment to develop a long-term plan for  infrastructure funding”, concluded Minister Griffiths. “Ministers are  looking forward to collaboration as we move to address infrastructure needs.”

Canada’s Ministers Responsible for Local Government will continue their  collaboration when they meet again in July 2012 in Kananaskis, Alberta.


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Parker Hogan, Director of Communications
Alberta Municipal Affairs