Meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers responsible for Culture and Heritage


MOOSE JAW, Saskatchewan, September 7, 2007 – Canada’s   federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) Ministers responsible for culture and   heritage gathered in Moose Jaw to discuss the contribution of arts and culture   to the vitality of communities across the country and to explore emerging   cultural themes.

At the meeting, co-chaired by the Honourable Josée Verner, Minister of   Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, and by the Honourable   Sandra Morin, Minister of Culture, Youth and Recreation for Saskatchewan, the   Ministers spoke on issues of common interest, such as r aising awareness about   the arts in communities, creating a supportive environment for artists and   governments’ support for museums.

“ Canada’s New Government is committed to the development of the arts and   culture and to the promotion of Canadian artistic excellence at home and   abroad,” said Minister Verner. “We are proud to work together with the provinces   and territories to support the enrichment of the cultural life and heritage of   Canada’s communities.”

“It is an absolute delight to host the Conference of Ministers Responsible   for Culture and Heritage in one of Canada’s Cultural Capitals for 2007, Moose   Jaw, Saskatchewan,” said Minister Morin. “ In order to sustain our culture and   heritage, it is important that representatives from jurisdictions across the   country meet and discuss issues of common interest.”

The importance of articulating the impact of the arts, culture, and heritage   on the development of communities and on the well-being of individuals featured   prominently on the agenda. Ministers agreed to collaborate on a new project that   would focus on measuring and quantifying these benefits.

Ministers received expert reports commissioned by the Working Group on the   Impact of New Technology on Cultural Policies and discussed the identified   recommendations and follow-up. The submitted reports describe the current   environment in the publishing, music, audiovisual and new media sectors, the   technological transformations taking place, as well as the challenges for   governments on such issues as support methods, regulatory environment and   intellectual property. Ministers also approved the Group’s work plan for the   coming year, including further study of the topic of public support for cultural   industries and the development of an expert report that defines the best   practices in this field.

The Ministers discussed the rising importance of cultural tourism   domestically and globally, as well as the resultant need to continue developing   productive working relationships between the arts, cultural, heritage, and   tourism sectors. Ministers were pleased to see the positive effects and   considerable progress of the Culture/Heritage and Tourism Initiative. Increased   collaboration and sharing of information between the different domains and among   jurisdictions, as well as the growing participation of departments and agencies,   are contributing to achieving the goal of the initiative to create better   understanding and strengthen the ties between culture and tourism.

Following a discussion with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010   Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) on the cultural celebrations related   to the Games, Ministers unanimously declared that the Games belonged to all   Canadians. They also expressed a desire to ensure that the Cultural Olympiad,   together with the ceremonies and celebrations of the Games, reflect Canada’s   cultural diversity and creativity by providing an opportunity for artists from   across the country to showcase their talents. Ministers adopted a resolution to   work within their own jurisdictions, as well as collaboratively and with VANOC,   to provide support for activities that maximize the cultural, economic, and   tourism benefits stemming from the 2010 Winter Games.

Provincial and territorial ministers reiterated their support for the   long-term continuation of the Library Book Rate and expressed concerns about the   discontinuation of the Exhibit Transportation Services and the need for   increased support for museums.

Provincial and territorial ministers responsible for Culture and Heritage met   on September 6 with Alan Latourelle, CEO for Parks Canada, to discuss the   results to date of the Historic Places Initiative and future directions. The   Historic Places Initiative, a federal, provincial, territorial collaboration,   notably through the Canadian Register of Historic Places, is aimed at fostering   a culture of heritage conservation in Canada. On behalf of Minister Baird, Mr.   Latourelle expressed the government's desire to continue this important   collaboration. He acknowledged the initiatives put in place by provinces and   territories to promote and protect Canada’s heritage.

Ministers recognized the successes of the Historic Places Initiative and   agreed that a report on results be presented at the next meeting of Ministers.   All jurisdictions agreed to continue with their collaborative work to   demonstrate and ensure that Canadians are aware of the contribution that built   heritage conservation makes in improving the quality of life in Canada’s   communities. Ministers also agreed that future directions for the Initiative   would focus on the development of tools with youth and Aboriginal people, and   identifying the links between built heritage and community and environmental   sustainability. The topic of a National Trust, announced in the 2007 Federal   Budget, was discussed by Ministers. Provinces and Territories expressed their   wish for further discussions and consultations on its establishment and mandate.   Provincial and territorial ministers reiterated their support for additional   federal financial investment and incentives for heritage conservation.

Quebec Minister of Culture, Communications and Status of Women, Madame   Christine St-Pierre, was pleased to extend an official invitation to her   federal, provincial and territorial counterparts to hold the next meeting in   Québec City on September 25 and 26, 2008, during celebrations of the   400th anniversary of Québec City, cradle of the French presence in   North America.

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