Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for Immigration

NEWS RELEASE – Federal, provincial and territorial immigration ministers meet to discuss future immigration planning

March 14, 2016 - Ottawa, ON - Federal, provincial and territorial ministers of  immigration met today in Ottawa to talk about the future of immigration in  Canada, review the recently tabled immigration levels plan and share  experiences resettling and integrating Syrian refugees into their communities.

"The work to resettle and integrate Syrian refugees  into our communities has just begun, and the provinces and territories are key  partners in ensuring we do it successfully," said Immigration, Refugees and  Citizenship Minister John McCallum. "The opportunity to come together, hear  about what is working and where the challenges are, will help us further  improve services for refugees and all newcomers."  

Minister McCallum spoke to the higher levels of  immigration in the 2016 levels plan. All ministers present committed to working  together on multi-year levels planning going forward to ensure that future  immigration levels reflect the importance of immigration to meet labour market and  other needs. Ministers discussed a new Vision Action Plan, that will guide the  improvement of immigration and settlement outcomes over the next three years.

"Our economies  rely on immigration to stay strong and to grow. The initial phase of the Syrian  refugee initiative shows what can be accomplished when governments work  together. I look forward to continued collaboration as we develop a strategy to  boost immigration and support economic growth," said Michael Chan, Ontario  Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade and the co-chair  of today's meeting.  

Ministers also discussed the importance of integrating immigrants in the  labour market including the need to recognize foreign credentials. Ministers  agreed to meet in the coming months to share best practices on the credential  issue.

Under the Canada-Quebec Accord relating  to immigration and temporary admission of aliens, Quebec fully assumes sole  responsibility for establishing immigration levels and for the selection,  francization and integration of immigrants. In areas under its responsibility,  Quebec develops its policies and programs, legislates, regulates and sets its  own standards.

Saskatchewan attended and participated  in the meetings and discussions. The Province is unable to comment publicly due  to the current election.

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Photos  of Minister McCallum available at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/photos/index.asp

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