2005 Western Premiers’ Conference

NEWS RELEASE – Lloydminster, May 6, 2005 –


At the conclusion of this 2005 Western Premiers’ Conference, Western Premiers want to join their fellow Canadians in paying tribute to our country's Second World War veterans. Our Veterans continue to provide exemplary service to our country and communities, and this Year of the Veteran humbles us and renews our gratefulness.

Sixty years ago this month, Canadians joined people from many parts of the world to celebrate the end of the Second World War and the liberation of the Netherlands. Victory in Europe Day, known as V-E Day, was May 8, 1945. It marked the end of five and a half years of war. Even then, World War II was not over as the war in the Pacific continued until August.

More than one million Canadians served, more than 42,000 gave their lives and more than 54,000 were wounded in the Second World War. The sacrifices made by these Canadians, and by those at home who supported them, helped transform the world.

Many Canadians will be in Europe this weekend for the 60th anniversary of V-E Day. Western Premiers join them in honouring the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who served Canada.


Western Premiers reviewed the work of the Western energy alliance, formed after Premiers directed Western and Northern Energy Ministers to meet and pursue areas of mutual interest among western jurisdictions. Premiers noted that the Western energy alliance held its inaugural meeting in Calgary in February 2005 and plans to meet again in the Northwest Territories in June 2005. The working agenda for the Western energy alliance focuses on western priorities including:

  • Raising awareness of northern and western Canada as a secure supplier of energy (oil, gas and electricity) to Canada, North America and international markets. Western Premiers will be discussing energy with Western Governors when they meet in Colorado in June.
  • Pursuing increased harmonization of energy-related regulations to improve regulatory efficiency and reduce barriers.
  • Communicating with their federal counterpart regarding a commitment to meaningful provincial and territorial participation in international energy discussions and negotiations.

Premiers expressed their appreciation for the progress made thus far. Premiers directed their Ministers to work with the federal government to improve regulatory certainty and ensure expeditious approval processes. They also called upon the federal government to engage constructively with the Western energy alliance on provincial and territorial participation in international energy discussions and negotiations.


Western Premiers endorsed the work being done by the territories and the federal government to complete the Northern Strategy as an important element of nation building and fulfilling the potential of Western Canada.

Western Premiers continue to support the Northwest Territories and Nunavut on their negotiation with the federal government towards devolution and natural resource revenue agreements. Devolution and resource revenue sharing would ensure that in the future, all territorial governments would be responsible for managing natural resource development.


Premier Doer announced that the 2006 Western Premiers’ Conference would take place June 7 - 9, 2006 in Gimli, Manitoba, located on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg.

As part of the ongoing collaboration between Western Premiers and Western Governors, the Governors of the member states of the Western Governors' Association are invited to attend Western Premiers' Conferences every second year. Premier Doer looks forward to hosting them in conjunction with the 2006 Western Premiers' Conference.

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