33rd Annual Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for the Status of Women


June 18, 2015 – Winnipeg,  Manitoba

The 33rd Annual  Meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Ministers Responsible for the  Status of Women took place this week in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The meeting was  co-chaired by the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and  Minister of Status of Women, and the Honourable Kerri Irvin-Ross, Deputy  Premier of Manitoba and Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

 Ministers  addressed key priorities at the meeting, including ending violence against  women and girls. In particular, Ministers discussed the ongoing problem of  sexual violence in Canada, and explored current prevention practices and  comprehensive strategies to address the issue.

 As part of this discussion,  Ministers examined the outcomes of the FPT Sexual  Violence Knowledge Exchange held on June 17, 2015 in Winnipeg. This national  event featured presentations from some of Canada’s leading experts on preventing and addressing sexual  violence against women.

 Ministers agreed to continue  seeking opportunities to collaborate on preventing all violence against women,  including violence against women in educational settings.

With regards to violence against  Aboriginal women and girls, Ministers pledged to continue working with all levels of  government, police, the justice system, and with Aboriginal communities and  organizations to  address this serious, ongoing issue.

Ministers endorsed a Business Case to support the increased participation and  advancement of women in the skilled trades and technical professions. Ministers  agreed to promote the Business Case to employers and industry stakeholders.

Finally, Ministers agreed to continue  exploring challenges and possible solutions in the implementation of  gender-based analysis across all jurisdictions, as well as best practices to  promote women on private and public sector boards.

FPT ministers agreed to fulfill their  commitments within their own jurisdictional priorities.

Quick Facts:


“The Government of  Canada will continue collaborating with the provinces and territories on  innovative ways to improve the security and prosperity of women from coast to  coast to coast. Each of our actions creating new economic and leadership  opportunities will support women reaching their full potential, while inspiring  young women and girls.”

The Honourable Dr.  K. Kellie Leitch
Minister of Labour  and Minister of Status of Women

“Working together at the national level  allows federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen our  capacity for promoting and tackling serious issues affecting women.   Ending violence against women and girls remains a top priority for the work of  our forum, and we are also invested in recruiting and advancing women in  non-traditional occupations in Canada.  By working collaboratively, we can  put a greater spotlight on these issues and make a difference for more women today  and into the future.”

The Honourable Kerri Irvin-Ross
Deputy Premier
Minister of Family Services and Labour
Minister responsible for Status of Women
Minister responsible for the civil service
Minister responsible for persons with  disabilities