Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for Tourism


TORONTO, May 10, 2003 – Federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for tourism met today in Toronto to share ideas and discuss action plans to promote tourism across Canada.

At the meeting, co-chaired by Canada’s Industry Minister Allan Rock and Ontario’s Minister of Tourism and Recreation Brian Coburn, ministers agreed to extend marketing efforts surrounding Canadian destinations and attractions and to increase collaboration between provinces and territories. The ministers’ goal is to assure the world that Canada is as ready and willing as ever to open its doors to tourists and reinforce its brand as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

“We have exciting tourist attractions in all regions of our country, and have good reason to be proud of what Canada can offer,” said Minister Rock. “We are eager to attract visitors, and Canada is open for business. By taking action on the strategies discussed today, and mobilizing a collective effort, we can help make this tourism season as active and successful for Canadian tourism as any in the past.”

Ministers were unanimous in acknowledging the need to take aggressive action in promoting Canadian tourism. They recognized the reality that the challenges facing the Canadian tourism industry are nationwide and not restricted to any one area.

Ministers recognized the importance of addressing challenges in their own jurisdictions and of working together to ensure travellers continue to view Canada as a welcoming and attractive destination for tourists.

“I would like to thank Minister Rock and all my provincial and territorial counterparts for supporting Toronto and Ontario at this critical time,” said Minister Coburn. “It is essential for all Canadians that we act to ensure the full recovery of Toronto’s tourism industry and restore investor confidence in Ontario. The Ernie Eves’ government has begun implementing a $128 million Tourism and Investment Recovery Plan to rebuild global confidence that Ontario is a world-class travel destination. The City of Toronto is contributing a further $5 million to marketing campaigns.”

The actions agreed to today by ministers build on existing marketing and promotional campaigns planned by the Government of Canada, as well as provincial and territorial governments and authorities.

On April 25, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced that $10 million would be committed to promote Toronto, Ontario, and Canada as attractive, welcoming destinations with many experiences for visitors. This funding is a part of the $100 million the Government of Canada has set aside for the fight against SARS.

Ministers look forward to an opportunity to work in partnership with the Federal Government, other provinces and territories, the Canadian Tourism Commission and the industry to promote the tourism industry across the country.

Provincial and territorial ministers supported Quebec’s view that the Canadian Tourism Commission’s promotional campaigns targeting foreign markets take into account the respective tourism needs and priorities of individual provinces and territories.

Canada’s Transport Minister and Minister Responsible for the GTA David Collenette also attended part of the meeting to discuss transportation issues. Provincial-Territorial Ministers raised with Minister Collenette issues relating to the Air Travellers’ Security Charge and other issues which he agreed to consider.


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