12th Ministerial Conference on Canadian Francophonie – Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting


For immediate release September 13, 2007

Youth Citizenship: A Priority for Canadian Francophonie   Ministers

During the 12th Ministerial Conference on the Canadian   Francophonie, held in Halifax on September 12 and 13, the ministers responsible   for Canadian Francophonie adopted a strategy to encourage active citizenship   among young Francophones.

A youth consultation enabled the identification of three key elements:   citizenship, leadership development and communication. The Conference will ask   an implementation committee which includes youth representatives to support,   among others, the organization of a gathering of francophone youth from across   the country in 2008. They will then be invited to present their report during   the 13th Conference.

"To ensure that the Canadian Francophonie stays vibrant and committed, it is   important that the governments work constructively with youth to implement   projects that will allow them to develop a sense of pride in their Francophone   and Acadian identity, and to fully engage in their role as citizens," said the   Honourable Chris d'Entremont, Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Minister of   Acadian Affairs.

During the Conference, the ministers also talked about   the renewal of intergovernmental agreements on French-language services, which   expire in March 2009. The ministers agreed on a common approach to facilitate   the timely renewal of these agreements.

"Canada's New Government is   committed to actively working with the Provincial and Territorial Governments to   ensure the continued development of Francophones in Canada," said the Honourable   Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official   Languages. "Today's discussions confirm that the Conference is an ideal forum   for the promotion of more concerted action among governments aimed at   strengthening support and services for the Canadian Francophonie."

Held for the first time in 1994, the Ministerial Conference on the Canadian   Francophonie aims to strengthen the ties between the Federal, Provincial and   Territorial Governments in order to enhance French-language services for   citizens and to strengthen the Canadian Francophonie.

The next Conference will be held in Quebec City on September 17 and 18, 2008,   on the 400th anniversary of the city's founding.

See attached backgrounder for more details on the Youth   Strategy.

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Jennifer Bourque
Nova Scotia Office of Acadian   Affairs

Richard Walker
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of   Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages

Donald Boulanger
A/Chief, Media Relations
Canadian   Heritage


Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie Youth   Strategy


  • In the spring of 2007, the Intergovernmental Network on Canadian   Francophonie, which supports the Ministerial Conference on the Canadian   Francophonie, identified existing youth initiatives to determine the areas where   intervention would be effective and necessary.   • During the summer of 2007, the INCF initiated dialogue with youth   representatives across the country in order to align its actions with the   priorities established by Canada’s young Francophones.
  • The dialogue led to the following findings:    
    • Citizenship was identified as a key area for   the future of the Francophonie;
    • By and for youth” was   confirmed as the fundamental principle for any action by the MCCF in this   area;
    • There was a need and willingness for increased   cooperation between the various youth associations and among the   government and community players in this field.
  • The MCCF will focus on sharing best practices and providing   strategic leadership to the partners and will not be involved in program   creation or delivery.
  • In the context of this strategy, citizenship refers to the involvement and social participation by youth in local,   provincial, territorial, regional or national development.
Youth strategy
  • Encourage MCCF member governments to take action to facilitate citizenship   by young Francophones.
  • Encourage increased cooperation among Canada’s Francophone youth   stakeholder groups with regard to citizenship.
  • Support the development of leadership in Canada’s young Francophones.

2008 Action Plan

  • Strike a committee with youth representation to implement the   strategy.
  • Help organize a gathering of young Francophones in 2008:    
    • Leadership development and dialogue forum on citizenship;
    • Participants could present a report to the 2008 MCCF in Quebec City as part of   the activities held in connection with the Francophonie Summit.