Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Agriculture


  1. Ministers agreed that climate change is a serious global issue with both risks and opportunities for agriculture. Agriculture needs to do its part in slowing the growth of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol.    


  3. Policies and measures will be developed to address those areas of agricultural production relevant for GHG management, such as soil management, livestock nutrition and waste disposal, soil nutrient application, grazing systems, shelterbelts, biofuels, carbon storage and others.    


  5. Ministers will prioritize measures that:    


    • achieve emissions reductions or sequestration at the lowest possible costs that have multiple environmental and economic benefits, and create new economic opportunities;        


    • maintain or improve industry's competitive position;        


    • improve the scientific, technical and knowledge base that the sector needs to effectively manage its emissions and guide domestic and international policy development;        


    • provide information and incentives, rather than regulatory or tax approaches;        


    • stimulate scientific and technological progress that can be adopted as it comes on stream;        


    • respect each government's jurisdiction, build upon respective resources and expertise; and        


    • increase the awareness and participation of the agriculture industry in developing solutions.


  7. Ministers agreed to contribute to the realization of the goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and facilitating agriculture's adaptation to climatic change, through measures and strategies at the provincial level and by developing a Canadian strategy. These measures and strategies should contribute to the overall approaches currently being prepared by Environment and Energy ministries with the full involvement of industry and other stakeholders.    


  9. On this basis, Ministers directed officials to prepare responses to the recommendations put forward by the Agriculture and Agri-Food and other relevant Tables (e.g. Sinks), for early and medium-term implementation.    

    Agriculture's contribution to a direct emissions trading system will be explored and impacts will be documented.    

    Ministers will be presented at their July 2000 meeting with a detailed proposal for a sectoral climate change strategy including specific measures, timelines and responsibilities.    



December 8, 1999 (2:26PM)

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