Joint Meeting of Energy and Environment Ministers


National Adaptation Framework

It is proposed that Ministers of Energy and the Environment:

  • Approve the National Climate Change Adaptation Framework
  • Direct officials to develop a more detailed implementation plan based on the following elements of the National Adaptation Framework and report on results and actions to a Joint Meeting of Ministers of Energy and Environment in 2003:
       1. Raise awareness of adaptation;
       2. Facilitate and strengthen capacity for coordinated action on adaptation;
       3. Incorporate adaptation into government planning processes;
       4. Promote and coordinate research on adaptation;
       5. Support networks to share knowledge; and,
       6. Provide methods for adaptation planning.

Canada's National Climate Change Business Plan 2002

    Ministers of Energy and Environment:

    • Agreed to the public release of Canada's National Climate Change Business Plan 2002, which outlines federal, provincial, territorial and joint actions as well as examples of private sector activities to address climate change.
    • Agreed that officials be directed to prepare the next National Climate Change Business Plan, in combination with the Progress Report on actions undertaken, for release in 2003.











    Federal-Provincial-Territorial Framework Agreement


    Ministers agreed to set aside the draft text of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Framework Agreement on Climate Change which they may bring forward at a later date, if appropriate.


       Direction to Officials




    It is proposed that Ministers of Energy and the Environment direct officials t

    • Implement the work plan for evaluating the feasibility of a covenant between the electricity sector and federal, provincial and territorial governments
    • Pursue implementation of the technology development work plan and the strategic framework for working collaboratively on issues related to health and climate change

       Way Forward


       Ministers reviewed the federal Discussion Paper and agreed it, along with the recent national economic analysis and potential options for addressing climate change, should be the principal subjects of the national stakeholder workshops.


    Ministers will meet again in October to review outcomes from the consultations and discuss a potential plan to meet the Kyoto target.