42nd Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers

RESOLUTION 42-3 – Resolution Encouraging Regional Cooperation in Support of Business Development

WHEREAS, the value of bilateral trade in goods and services between Canada and the United States exceeded US 680 billion in 2017;

WHEREAS, the Eastern Canadian Provinces account for two-thirds of the trade between Canada and the New England States;

WHEREAS, governors from New England and premiers from Eastern Canada have acknowledged the economic interdependence between the two countries and the region, as well as the important contribution cross-border trade has on the prosperity of the states and provinces they represent;

WHEREAS, the governors and premiers from the region are committed to strengthening their cooperation in creating, by the means of Resolution 40-2, a permanent committee on economic development and a business forum group;

WHEREAS, the Report on Economic Cooperation, presented at the 40th NEG-ECP, recommended measures be taken by the coordination committee to increase participation from the business community to the NEG-ECP annual conferences; 

WHEREAS, a business-to-business program (B2B) has been organised during the 41st NEG-ECP, which allowed participating businesses to meet important clients, as well as key economic and political stakeholders. Surveyed participants confirmed the benefits of such activities for the creation of strategic partnerships, the development of new trade opportunities and the enlargement of profitable networks;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, governors and premiers encourage the organisation of B2B activities during the future editions of the NEG-ECP and that they encourage anchor companies from their region, along with members of their administrations, to meet with participating businesses;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT, governors and premiers direct the business forum group to collaborate and develop best practice B2B programming

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT, in collaboration with the host state or province, the business forum group shall ensure successful implementation of any B2B matchmaking activities, notably by consulting the organizers of strategic regional sectors and matching buyers with suppliers. The business forum group is also charged with evaluating the outcomes of this matchmaking in order to ensure the constant improvement of the services offered to participating businesses.

Adopted at the 42nd Annual Conference of New England Governors and Canadian Eastern Premiers, in Stowe, Vermont, August 13, 2018.