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Departmental Plan 2022-23: Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

The Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat’s (CICS) only program is to provide continuity of planning and archival services, and impartial administrative support, for federal-provincial-territorial (FPT) and provincial-territorial (PT) conferences of first ministers, ministers, and deputy ministers, throughout Canada.

CICS does not work directly with the public nor does it chose its clientele in any sense; it works in close collaboration to support its clients which are other federal, provincial, and territorial government departments. CICS is called upon to respond to decisions taken by governments to meet on key national or specific issues; decisions concerning the content, participants, and location of such meetings are all factors beyond the control of the Secretariat.

CICS has included mandatory training on diversity and inclusion in all employees’ learning plans, in addition to training on unconscious bias to ensure that GBA+ and inclusivity is being considered in its service delivery and policy development whenever possible. CICS will continue to promote learning and development opportunities to increase GBA+ capacity.

Highlights of GBA Plus Results Reporting Capacity by Program

Conference Services

GBA+ information is not collected, analyzed, or reported for CICS’ program.