Green Procurement Reporting For Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act

Strategies / Comments

  1. Approach: The Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat’s (CICS) approach to implementing green procurement is to target the use of PWGSC procurement instruments, the delivery of training to key personnel and the inclusion of green procurement objectives in the employee performance evaluations of key decision makers.
  2. Management Processes and Controls: CICS will maximize the use of PWGSC procurement instruments such as standing offers and supply arrangements. CICS will continue to review and update internal processes and controls in order to integrate environmental considerations.
  3. Training: CICS has ensured that all staff with procurement responsibilities completed the CSPS course C215. CICS will also require that all new staff with procurement responsibilities complete the course within three months of being hired.
  4. Performance Evaluations: CICS will ensure that an objective to include environmental considerations in procurement activities is integrated into individual performance evaluations.
  5. Meeting Targets: CICS will report against these targets in the Departmental Performance Report.