44th Annual Premiers’ Conference


CHARLOTTETOWN, July 11, 2003. Provinces and territories have vital interests in Canada having an open and secure border with the United States. Provinces and territories have unique relationships with states that can be used to further this objective and enhance the profile of Canada in the United States.

Accordingly Premiers agree to takes strong leadership, including:

  • conduct regular individual or group missions to meet decision makers in the United States;
  • seek an ongoing relationship with the National Governors’ Association;
  • use existing relationships to help to resolve trade disputes;
  • work with states and regulators to enhance energy trade;
  • cooperate with states on security and emergency preparedness/response issues;
  • collaborate with U.S. states to access Canadian and U.S. federal transportation and border funding; and
  • continue to assert Canada’s right to open access to U.S. markets, particularly for softwood lumber and agricultural products.

Premiers called for a more open and collaborative partnership with the federal government in order to ensure provincial/territorial interests are effectively represented in Canada-U.S. relations.

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