“CICS knows exactly how to orchestrate FPT meetings. The logistics are always seamless.”

“Great pre-event coordination and very experienced on-site support.”

“CICS was very responsive and offered great customer support. I would
encourage they continue their great work.”

“I have been attending meetings with CICS for more than 20 years and I continue to be impressed by the professionalism.”

“Continue the great work – such a professional and friendly staff – good to work with in advance and on-site.”

“Service was impeccable!”

“Excellent success using videoconference as a participant and presenter.”

“I found this team to be very discreet and respectful, not to mention very helpful.”

“It seems that CICS is constantly striving to provide excellent services.”

Employee Testimonials

Comments from Employee Feedback Sessions:

“Managers trust their employees and know that they are experts in their fields.
Trust makes every conference a success.”

“We are always available to support our colleagues, new or experienced.”

“We are proud of the services we offer”

“We believe in our organization”

Q&A with CICS provincial and territorial government employees
Photo of Carmen Kantchono

Carmen Kantchono
Government of Quebec
Conference Manager
CICS employment dates: 2014 to present

What was it like moving and adjusting to living and working in a different province than your own?

Interesting. I always like to discover new things and live life how it is lived elsewhere. It’s rewarding and allows one to expand their horizons.

What do you like best about working for CICS?

It’s cliché, but the travel! Discovering the country, one conference at a time is wonderful. I also really like meeting and building relationships with partners and laughing my way through stress. And, of course, the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a conference when our partners are smiling!

What are some of the skills you believe you gained thus far, during your secondment at CICS that will prove beneficial towards your professional growth?

I have enhanced my people skills, developed my leadership and management abilities and learned a lot about how the federal government works.

Do you understand why it is so important for CICS to value impartiality (to recognize and respect the value of differences and confidentiality of all governments by treating them all equally)?

Completely. The Canadian Federation is made up of a central government and provinces and territories. Each level of government is bestowed with its own constitutional powers. This constitutional sharing raises various issues and interests depending on the level of government. It is important for CICS to maintain its impartiality to keep the trust of all levels of government.

How would you describe your experience as a PT employee at CICS?

It’s a good experience. Coming from an environment of intergovernmental relations, it was even more interesting for me to approach the intergovernmental conferences from another angle.

Would you recommend working at CICS to other PT employees?

Definitely. Professional skills are invaluable!

Photo of Laurette Sylvain

Laurette Sylvain
Government of Yukon
Former Manager, Conference Services
CICS employment dates: 2011-2014

How would you describe your experience as a PT employee at CICS?

We certainly had goals and objectives to achieve and always strived to serve our clients in an efficient and effective manner. It was a busy office and yet, the staff incorporated activities throughout the year which increased team building. The staff knew how to have fun and participated in activities such as Halloween, fundraising events, Christmas parties which truly was a bonding experience.

Would you recommend working at CICS to other PT employees?

It would depend on their situation. I would encourage those who are willing to frequently travel across Canada by either a plane, train, or automobile, who earn less than the position they are being seconded into, who enjoy working well as teams and, of course, who are willing to work extended hours during the day, when required. Early morning set-ups or take-downs on-site, prior to and following a conference, often meant working about 10-12 hours per day.

What was it like working in the National Capital Region?

Ottawa is a wonderful city to live in. I had some wonderful experiences. A person can develop a lot of friendships by offering to volunteer for such organizations as Dress for Success which promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women in the National Capital area; film festivals such as the European Union Film Festival, the Latin American Film Festival, the Canadian Film Institute; music festivals and fringe festivals such as the Ottawa Folk Festival, the Ottawa fringe festival, and Chamberfest; theatres such as Ottawa Little Theatre, Gladstone Theatre, and Odyssey Theatre; joining book clubs; all of which I participated. Working in the National Capital region also gave me the opportunity to be selected as a volunteer for the Junos in 2012, take ballroom dance lessons, spanish lessons, and even do some background casting for Smyth Casting, a casting company in Ottawa. Lastly, I felt fortunate to be able to not only reside in, and enjoy this wonderful city, but also work with such a great team of dedicated staff at CICS.

What did you like best about working for CICS?

There were many aspects of the work I enjoyed. Developing working relationships with senior officials from across various levels of governments in different provinces and territories across Canada, and providing support to ensure a successful meeting or conference was gratifying. It certainly required good team work with the CICS staff which was quite a sense of accomplishment.