Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for Housing

NEWS RELEASE – Provincial-Territorial Ministers responsible for Housing, Liverpool, Nova Scotia – September 22, 2005

Meeting the housing needs of Canadians is the top priority for the provincial and territorial Ministers as they meet today, to discuss the future of housing in Canada.

Ministers reached consensus on a set of guiding principles for future housing initiatives to ensure that Canadians receive the housing programs and services that meet their on-going needs. These principles are based on a wide-range of shelter and housing services and supports required by Canadians including addressing the needs of homeless people and renovations to existing housing stock.

Provincial/Territorial Ministers encourage the federal government to release the $1.6B included in the last federal budget. PT Ministers are immediately prepared to work with the federal government to translate this funding into improved housing for Canadians. PT Ministers are eager to move rapidly forward on these housing initiatives.

“Housing is important to the health and well being of all Canadians,” said Minister David Morse, Nova Scotia’s Community Services and Housing Minister, and Co-Chair of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial meeting. “As primary partners in the design and delivery of housing programs and services we look forward to working with Minister Fontana on a long term approach to housing.”

PT Ministers remain committed to providing housing for Canadians who need it most. The PT Ministers will continue to work with their federal and community partners to identify and address their unique housing needs, including the pressing needs of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people.

Tomorrow's discussion with the federal minister will focus on how the provinces/territories and federal government can work together to address the housing needs of Canadians.



Karen White
NS Department of Community Services