38th Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers


WHEREAS,  the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP) have shown  continued interest in the development of energy policies with regard to  expanding clean energy supply and trade while strengthening the economy and  maximizing the overall environmental benefits for the region; and

WHEREAS,  the NEG/ECP continues to support opportunities for the expansion of clean  energy consistent with providing customers with reliable electric service at  the lowest societal cost over the long term consistent with environmental  objectives; and

WHEREAS, the changes in energy resource technologies and global  energy resource markets are now affecting the energy production and  distribution networks serving the New England States and Eastern Canadian  Provinces; and

WHEREAS, the Northeast International Committee on Energy  (NICE) has monitored and acted upon energy concerns in the New England and  Eastern Canadian region since 1978; and

WHEREAS,  the NEG/ECP has recognized that these changes in the global energy landscape affect policy development in the region  and wants to act upon understanding and containing the possible impacts and  also seize opportunities emerging from these changes; and

WHEREAS,  the NEG/ECP is committed to collaborate in addressing these changes and their  significance and to pursue solutions by exploring how to deal with this fast-paced  energy landscape evolution;  and

WHEREAS,  the NEG/ECP shares the view that stakeholders that are affected by these energy  changes can contribute significantly in better understand these changes and  help identify collaborative initiatives to address shared impacts and seize  common opportunities;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT  RESOLVED THAT NICE  will organize a Regional Forum in late 2014 for a public-private sector dialogue  on the ongoing changes in the energy landscape in the region; and

BE  IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT NICE will  use the findings from the Regional Forum to identify strong collaborative actions  to put in place and will report to the governors and premiers at the 2015  NEG/ECP Conference on these findings and proposed actions.

Adopted at the 38th Annual Conference of  the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers, Bretton Woods, New  Hampshire, July 14, 2014


Signatures of Margaret Wood Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire, Co-Chair and Tom Marshall, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Co-chair